Our platform features a highly integrated stack, purpose built for aggregating, processing and rendering data. We combine realtime statistics, predictive analytics and social media to deliver award-winning interactive experiences.

Consistent Experience Across All Screens

Built using the latest HTML5 and CSS techniques, our apps can adapt to any screen. From handheld to tablet and desktop, the user is guaranteed an engaging experience no matter the device.

Platform Enables Rapid Customer Integration

Our fully hosted solution can be customized to match your branding and advertising. Customers have the option to run the application embedded in their web properties or even native apps. The whole process is transparent to end users.

Ability to Scale to Meet Audience Needs In Real Time

Our system architecture can scale horizontally as load increases. We use cloud-based infrastructure for high flexibility and high availability.

Low Touch Managed Service With High Availability

Once using our product, it's set it and forget it. Built with fault tolerance and failover, you can rest assured the product will always be running.

Event Monitoring And Alerting System

The data ingestion and parsing piece of our infrastructure uses new tech that is more suited to reacting quickly to live game events. This means that your users see the action on the second screen as soon as it's available through our feeds.

Reduced Latency

Our system is tuned to deliver real time events as quickly as possible. Additionally, the static assets of our apps are CDN hosted to ensure end users don't spend time waiting to download images and scripts before they can start seeing the action.